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Why hire a Tax Attorney and not a CPA, Enrolled Agent ("EA") or Tax Preparer?  There are two primary reasons to do so: (1) Client Confidentiality and (2) Complete Counsel.  It is only with a tax attorney that you have the important “attorney-client privilege” to confidentiality concerning communications.  The "federally authorized tax practitioner" privilege under I.R.C. Sec. 7525 protects discussions only in civil matters.  If a case turns criminal, the privilege is no longer applicable.  Moreover, only attorneys are legally exempt from being forced to testify against its clients should the IRS prosecute the client criminally.  On the other hand, the CPA, EA or tax preparer can be forced to testify.  Lastly, only a tax attorney can communicate all of a client’s options, including legal options such as tax bankruptcy.  CPA’s, EA's and tax preparers may not give legal advice.


In addition, every client or prospective client will consult with the firm's Managing Principal and Attorney, Nehemiah Jefferson and not a sales professional.  Unfortunately, some of our clients have come to us after bad experiences.  Those experiences involved contacting a "tax resolution company's" toll-free number and visiting websites that lack biographies.


The Jefferson Firm, LLC can handle your case from inception to resolution.




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