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Our Tax Preparation practice has a focus on helping our clients maintain compliance with the IRS and State Taxing Jurisdictions. Since resolving many disputes involving IRS & State income taxation often requires prior compliance with existing tax laws, taxpayers often have a need for various forms of tax preparation.


Our Tax Preparation services in this area include: Unfiled Tax Returns, Individual Tax Returns  & State Tax Filings, Amended Returns, Electronic Filing.  Complete list is here.



Our Tax Representation practice represents clients in all 50 states.


Tax Representation Services include: IRS & State Tax Disputes, Audits & Appeals, Tax Preparer Audits, Offers in Compromise, IRS Liens & Levies, Installment Payment Plan Agreements, Criminal Tax Matters, Trust Fund Penalty Assessment, "Egg Shell" Audits, Penalty Abatement, Wage and Bank Levy Releases, Innocent Spouse, Injured Spouse, U.S. Tax Court matters, Non-filer representation, Bank Secrecy Act Audits, Audit Reconsideration, Hobby Loss Audits, 8300 Audits, Special Enforcement Program Audits, Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program (OVDP). See complete list here.



Our Tax Consultation practice has a focus on helping our clients make the right decisions by providing competent tax and business legal advice. A complete list is found here.



Our General Counsel Services practice advises small businesses on their day to day legal needs for a reasonable flat monthly fee.



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