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  • IRS Wage Levies
    IRS Wage Levies

    IRS wage levies are serious and can be a catastrophic financial event for the taxpayer. It should be noted, however, that the taxpayer would have had to either been unaware of notices sent prior or ...

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  • Winning the Lottery
    Winning the Lottery

    If you won the lottery, what are the tax implications? Tampa Tax Attorney Nehemiah Jefferson shared some tips with Fox 13 news after a local winner of $450 million was announced. View the story at ...

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  • Nehemiah Jefferson Is on Twitter!
    Nehemiah Jefferson Is on Twitter!

    Attorney Nehemiah Jefferson is always seeking creative ways to educate the general public not only about tax matters but also with inspirational messages to encourage people to live productive and ...

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  • Tax Filing Tips
    Tax Filing Tips

    If you are going to hire an individual to prepare your tax return, only hire a Tax Attorney, Certified Public Accountant, or Enrolled Agent. You can verify these professionals credentials on ...

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