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Tax Tips by Nehemiah Jefferson, Esq.

Here are a few tips for tax season. First and foremost, use a reputable, experienced and licensed tax professional; preferably a Tax Attorney, CPA, or Enrolled Agent.

I immediately know when a return has been prepared by a rogue tax preparer. One way to tell is if the preparer signed it. Another is the number of errors. If you allow someone to prepare your taxes and he or she does not sign the return, you assume many risks including inaccuracies and penalties. In sum, if you get that clammy feeling that something is wrong with the tax preparer's ethics, you are probably right. Unfortunately, I have had many clients who come to me and I have had to explain this to them.

A tax preparer should have a PTIN and should sign your return. PTIN stands for Preparer Tax Identification Number. An individual with a PTIN has registered with the Internal Revenue Service. You can find a database of all the tax preparers or those with a PTIN on the IRS website.

Secondly, as a taxpayer you should account for all of your tax documents before filing. This is important because what you file needs to match with what the IRS may have on file for you as the taxpayer. If it does not, you can expect to receive an IRS notice. In some cases, it is beneficial to wait and make sure you have all of your tax documents. For example, oftentimes mortgages are sold to another mortgage servicer. If you have made payments to more than one mortgage company during the year, then you should expect to receive multiple 1098-mortgage interest and tax statements for the year. If you itemize, then accounting for all of the mortgage interest or property taxes paid during year could help lower your overall tax liability.

If you are missing documents like a W-2, contact the employer or if that fails, you may contact the IRS at 800-829-1040.

Nehemiah Jefferson, Esq., is Managing Principal of The Jefferson Firm, LLC. The taw law firm, provides comprehensive Tax Preparation, Tax Representation, Tax Litigation, and Tax Consultation services to individual and small business clients. He earned his Bachelor’s degree from The Florida State University and his Juris Doctor from John Marshall Law School (Atlanta). Attorney Jefferson is licensed to practice law in the State of Florida, The District of Columbia, and is a member of the United States Tax Court Bar. He is also an IRS Enrolled Agent and may be reached at (813) 328-7322.