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Beware of IRS Scams by Nehemiah Jefferson, Esq.

Recently I have fielded several phone calls from individuals that are frantic and nervous about conversations he or she thought they might have had with “someone from the IRS.”

The most recent individual indicated to me the “supposed individual from the IRS” told her she needed to call some numbers regarding a “miscalculation of tax file.” Further, she was told she needed to contact a Tax Attorney. When the woman called one of the numbers it was a police station and other number given to her was a recording of a purported IRS office.

In general, the IRS rarely contacts individuals by telephone. Any initial contact from the IRS is likely to be by mail. The IRS regularly publishes information on its website ( about known scams.

Never give out personal or private information over the phone to a stranger that contacts you. If you are uncomfortable, simply hang up and contact the authorities or a tax attorney.

Nehemiah Jefferson, Esq., is Managing Principal of The Jefferson Firm, LLC. The taw law firm, provides comprehensive Tax Preparation, Tax Representation, Tax Litigation, and Tax Consultation services to individual and small business clients. He earned his Bachelor’s degree from The Florida State University and his Juris Doctor from John Marshall Law School (Atlanta). Attorney Jefferson is licensed to practice law in the State of Florida, The District of Columbia, and is a member of the United States Tax Court Bar. He is also an IRS Enrolled Agent and may be reached at (813) 328-7322.