Has a lien or levy been issued against you because of your federal or state tax debt?

Many people across the U.S. owe money to the government from tax debts. In some cases, the IRS issues tax liens and levies to collect on this debt. A lien is a legal claim that the IRS makes against your property or accounts, in order to secure a payment of the tax debt. A levy is where the property is actually seized to satisfy the tax debt. If you are facing a tax lien or levy, it is imperative to contact a tax attorney right away.


At The Jefferson Firm, LLC, our legal team is here to represent individuals faced with losing their home or car, as well as business owners who may lose their company, from tax liens and levies. Having a lien against you is one of the most devastating things that can happen to you financially, but in many cases, people simply do not have the resources to pay their tax debt, due to financial hardship. A compassionate and knowledgeable tax attorney can review your case to explain the ramifications of the lien or levy, attempt to moderate the fallout, and help you set up a repayment plan with the IRS. 


Has a lien or levy been issued against you because of your tax debt? Contact us at The Jefferson Firm, LLC to set up your free consultation with a member of our legal team. Our firm is based in Tampa, but we proudly serve the entirety of Florida, and clients across the nation facing federal tax issues.

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